Aug 062012

Next month I’ll be dressing up as a carrot and taking part in the Fight for Sight Carrots NightWalk

I’ve signed up to the 15 mile charity walk in London on 21 September to say thanks to the Nystagmus Network for their support since we learned of Jack’s condition.

I’ll be part of the Nystagmus Network team who aim to raise £7,500 towards a nystagmus research grant.  This will then be match funded by Fight for Sight to a total of £15,000.  So for every £1 donated (up to this amount), Nystagmus Network will actually receive £2 :-)   Nystagmus Network are very focused on research to help make a difference to those with nystagmus and future generations.  Here are links to information about nystagmus research and treatment and how Nystagmus Network plan to spend future donations.

And whilst we’re on the topic of walks, a lady called Tamara is putting in a lot of effort to organise the first ever nationwide walk for Nystagmus in the USA to raise awareness of the condition and raise funds for the American Nystagmus Network.  She’s also keen to see the word “nystagmus” added to electronic spell check dictionaries so it no longer comes up as mis-spelled.  Here here!  The walk is planned for April 2013 in Nashville, Tenessee.  Please sign up to the Nystagmus Walk 2013 Facebook page to find out more and support her.



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  1. Hey thanks for putting Tamara’s bit here too! Good luck for the carrots walk. :-) Chris

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