Jun 152014

Jack was recently issued glasses by the Optician at Sunderland Eye Hospital. 

We’d been prepared for this at previous appointments (so it did not come as a shock) and Jack seemed quite pleased about it.  From a young age he and his brothers have regularly tried to steal my glasses and sunglasses!

On receiving the prescription, we had fun going to a few opticians to try on different pairs, and Jack chose some brown Avengers ones.  It took a week for them to be made up, and the first night he couldn’t bear to be parted from them – he slept with the case in his hands all night!  Understandably he’s since lost some of that enthusiasm!

We had a second glasses appointment a few weeks later, so I asked for tips to encourage him to wear them.  They advised to keep trying for short periods, and because he’ll see better with them on (for both distance and close up) eventually he’ll not want to be without them.   Bribery has been quite successful too (withholding Peppa Pig usually does the trick!).

Jack had visual acuity tests before and after glasses where he had to say whether he could see pictures of objects such as cars, houses, cup of teas etc. from a distance.   The glasses have improved his vision by almost one line of the eye chart from approximately 6/19 to 6/15.  Having nystagmus means the speed of Jack’s eyes will vary daily depending on factors such as tiredness, stress and illness, and this will in turn affect how well he sees – but it has been good to know this tangible difference the glasses are making.


Snellen chartJack glasses









If you have any experiences about nystagmus and glasses or contact lenses we’d love to hear from you.

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