Jan 312013

2012 has been a great year.  Spending time with Jack and Isaac has been fast paced and very rewarding. 

Jack is such great fun and full of energy.  He can walk a mile to our local shops and do actions such as spinning round, jumping, and touching the sky on demand!  He also has a talent for climbing and was able to get out of his cot at 18 months using his toes (over and over again on a night time!).  His speech is coming along too – he can count to five and will have a go at any words we ask which we have great fun with.

Isaac is almost ten months and after a very laid back approach to life (literally!) in the last month he’s decided it’s time to roll, sit, move across the floor (in a strange crab fashion), and pull himself to standing within a few weeks of each other.

It’s been great watching them both start to interact and play together recently.  When Jack wakes in the morning he shouts Isaac-a or Cigar (his two names for him) and points to his room until we go get him up.  Jack builds towers for Isaac to knock down, and they both have giggle fits.  In the bath, they have splashing competitions which Isaac usually wins.  There are the odd times when Jack is tired or cross and he’s pushed Isaac, but on the whole they seem to get on well.

Re. nystagmus, here is a video of Jack’s eyes age two just before bedtime.

Over the past year we’ve not noticed any difference in the speed and intensity of his nystagmus.  However, he has started to wobble his head to help him see better when concentrating on looking at things such as toys, books and the tv.  The wobble is greater the further away the item is but he usually moves as close as possible to minimise this.  When watching tv he stands right in front of it with his nose almost touching, although he has little interest in Cbeebies just yet and rarely watches for more than a couple of minutes at a time.  He also sits close when we’re reading.

Jack had an incident at 22 months where he ran into our kitchen door (glass with wood panels) and got a big bruise in the middle of his forehead that lasted a week.  It was strange because he’s opened and closed the door many times before.  He regularly bumps the side and top of his head on our bathroom sink.  We’re not sure whether these things are due to his nystagmus or just general clumsiness!

One thing we’ve been pleasantly surprised by is how well Jack copes with kerbs.  So far he seems to see them well enough not to trip most of the time.  Because Jack is our first child we’ve nothing to compare his behaviour to with regard to the impact of the nystagmus, but we couldn’t be happier with his development and progress.

Here is a video of Isaac’s eyes at nine months for a comparison.  They seem to have become more stable over the last few months and are much stiller than Jack’s.


And here are some photos from Christmas …

028     025     033     036

We wish you all the best for 2013 xxx




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