May 072012

This evening we saw Jack’s eyes move the fastest they ever have.

It was pretty scary at first (as we rarely notice them now), but then we realised it was just due to tiredness. We’d been so busy gardening together earlier that we forgot to put Jack down for his afternoon nap.


Less than five minutes after filming ….

I’ve never seen Jack so tired. He didn’t wake whilst his nappy was being changed or when we changed him into his bed clothes and put him to bed.

Sweet dreams Jack :-)

  3 Responses to “Super tired Jack”

  1. Sweet! Its hard work being the elder brother y’know. Hugs, Chris

  2. Our 5 year old son, Jace, also has nystagmus and was diagnosed at 4 months old. When he is tired the eye movement is much more pronounced. His eyes have become more stable with age and he relies on the null point less, except for when he is tired or excited. We worried about him learning to read, but he is reading now and it actually seemed to help his eye control.

    Your Jack is a cutie!

    • Hi Teresa, thanks for sharing this. I’m glad Jace is getting on well with his reading :-) Claire x

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