Feb 112012

The American Nystagmus Network have launched an updated version of their website with lots of new information, and will be adding more in the coming months.

One change has been splitting the Resources section into useful categories and it now includes a link to six videos by Dr Richard Hertle, a leading Pediatric Opthamologist, about nystagmus in infancy and childhood (including testing, treatment and patient outcomes).

There is more information on their organisation, their Board Members, their two yearly conferences, and a new section called Inspirational Essays (which will contain links to essays and blogs with inspirational messages for people with nystagmus and their families).

There are also instructions on how to join their free forum and e-mail discussion distribution lists, and a link to their Facebook group.

Well worth taking a look :-)

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  1. Are those videos Dr Hertle or Dr Louis dell’Osso? You can also add in everything about Dr Louis as he did the research which Dr Hertle ‘translated’ into the operating techniques. The pair go together like ‘twins’. I’ll have to do a search on the ANN list to find a message which gives Dr Louis’ url – and there’s also links to the papers he’s written on the techniques.

    Love Chris

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for this information. I think it’s Dr Hertle as his name pops up on the screen early in the the first video. I’ve not heard of Dr Louis dell’Osso before but if you are able to provide the url and links I’d be interested to learn more. Thanks, Claire x

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