Nov 062013

What a special and successful day this first ever international nystagmus awareness raising day has been 🙂 

Throughout the day we’ve seen posts on the dedicated “Wobbly Wednesday” and the UK and USA Nystagmus Network Facebook pages from people across the globe including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

We’ve seen many beautiful photos and one success story after another.   We’ve read about;
– children and adults giving talks/handing out packs to their classmates
– people making wobby Wednesday treats including bracelets, t-shirts and cakes
– radio and tv appearances
– the wobbly Wednesday walk from the wobbly bridge to the wibbly wobbly pub (sounds fun)!
– movie and music night
– the Rally2Raise virtual rally
– online book and Mary Kay (similar to Avon) fundraisers in the USA (thanks to Ashleigh of As Makayla Sees It)
– the large playmobil figure in Windsor with the wobbly Wednesday pin badge!
and many many more…

We chose to raise awareness at Jack’s nursery by sharing a noticeboard, a cake, and goodie bags for the children which contained a wrist band, a balloon, a wibby wobbly jelly, and a note asking parents to help us spread the word.


011 (2)

015 (2)

We received a nice comment through our blog earlier today from one of the parents (thanks);  “Just wanted to let you know that my son is currently enjoying the jelly from the Wobbly Wednesday package he received at nursery today, thanks.  I had never heard of Nystagmus before so your efforts for the awareness day has introduced me to it.  All the best.”

Being a part of Wobbly Wednesday has made us very proud – it’s been a special day for us and there will hopefully be many more in the years to come.   Roll on Wobbly Wednesday 2014 – which we suspect now there is momentum and awareness from today will be even bigger and better 🙂






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