Jul 252012

We highly recommend the Noah (National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentaion) “How we See” video from Amy’s recent blog post Noah Conference How We See on 16th July 2012. 

It has useful screenshots showing how people with different visual acuities may see the same scene.  I was surprised to learn even at 20/200 (which is the point a person can be declared legally blind) it’s possible to see a lot more than what I thought.  Jack’s vision is currently 20/100 but it’s likely to improve as he grows older.

There is also a good exercise to help understand how a child with albinism’s depth perception may be impacted – simply by covering one of your eyes.


All in all it’s a positive informative presentation with lots of advice for parents and those with albinism (and nystagmus) themselves.  And Noah have a dedicated section of other presentations and videos on YouTube too which they plan to add to in future.  :-)

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