May 132012

Since I started maternity leave for Isaac I’ve been able to return to Bounce meetings again (run by Useful Vision, a North East England charity for parents of visually impaired and blind children) which are now twice a month. 

It’s good to see the group has expanded from approx 2-3 children, to 12-15 plus parents. The first hour is spent chatting whilst the children play, and the second is a session with Picollo Music (a local version of Jo Jingles) where we sing nursery rhymes and play with instruments.  I’ve also been taking Jack to a Useful Vision weekly swim at a hydrotherapy pool.  There is sensory lighting in and around the the pool which is controlled by a floating button.  The children love pushing it to change the colours.

The lady who organises the Bounce group regularly invites people from vision related organisations and charities to share information with us.  At the third meeting this happened to be someone I went to secondary school with who I’d not seen for several years – it was great to catch up! At the last meeting there was an an Educational Specialist in Children’s Vision from Sunderland who works in the same team as the man who came to visit Jack before he started nursery (see our 4th October 2011 post).  A couple of days after the session she called to ask whether she could meet to do a further assessment of Jack in a couple of weeks time which I’ve gladly accepted.

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  1. Hi

    I just wanted to say how great I’ve found your blog. We are currently trying to get over the shock of our 3 month old baby, Josh, being diagnosed and it has been comforting and informative to hear of someone else going through it too.

    I was just wondering, is it ok to take a child with Nystagmus to normal swimming lessons? I have a 2 year old child who has good vision who attends Waterbabies and I had signed up Josh to start attending soon, but am now concerned that having reduced vision might make being in water a bit more terrifying. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but right now I’m not really sure what to think. I want to treat my children the same (if possible), but don’t want to put Josh through it if it will cause him distress. What would you do?


    • Thanks Natasha, I say go for it, give it a try :-) I took Jack to a ‘Mum’s in the pool’ session (aqua aerobic session pushing your baby round in a float) regularly in his first year and he loved it. Also Useful Vision charity offer swimming sessions specifically for young children with visual impairments which we went to last year. I think people who aren’t able to see as well as others may be more frightened of the water at first, so it’s worth chatting to the instructor in advance, and seeing how it goes – but I also think if parents and other family members like swimming it makes it more fun. Best of luck, and enjoy xxx

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