Oct 042011

Jack is due to start nursery on Monday next week.  He has two test runs this week to help prepare him for what is to come, but based on his first visit when I was filling out paperwork he’s going to have a great time.  Off he crawled (not a backward glance) to meet his new friends and toys, and we didn’t hear a peep out of him.  When I went to collect him he was bouncing on a trampoline – didn’t take the staff long to figure out what his favourite pastime is!  

Back in August, based on advice in the Nystagmus Network Parents Information Pack I spoke to my Local Education Authority to seek out someone who could give some pre-school advice and talk us through the educational choices Jack has.  I was put in touch with an Educational Specialist in Children’s Vision (within the Department of Education Inclusion and Achievement Childrens Services team).  He paid a visit to our house in early September to assess and register Jack.  He advised there are many other children with nystagmus in our area and that almost all of them attend mainstream schools.  He said that he is not able to do much for Jack until aged three when we can get a better idea of how much he is able to see.  However, he asked which nursery Jack would be going to and has already paid them a visit to explain about what nystagmus is and how their staff can best support him.

The nursery have also asked me to meet with their Manager, SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), and Jack’s Nursery Teacher to share everything I know about his condition and how they can best help him.  I’ve been reassured that they have his best interests at heart which has been very important to us.

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