Jul 212012

In To operate or not to operate 2?  I posted;

“As it would be difficult for us to travel to the US to see Dr Hertle, we’ve asked Jack’s doctor if they think he falls into the “good foveation periods” category (to rule out the possibility his eyes may not develop to their full potential if he doesn’t have an operation before age two). We’ll write a follow up post when we know more”

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Jul 202012

Earlier this month Dad and I travelled to Leicester for eye appointments for Jack and Isaac spread over two days.  The primary purpose was to take part in the OCT hand held scanner trial, but it was also to;

– Carry out VEP (visual evoked potential) and ERG (electro-retinogram) tests
– Carry out a visual acuity test to check whether Jack needs glasses
– Check whether Jack has Ocular Albinism
– Find out more about  the chances of us/our children passing on nystagmus genes
– Check whether Isaac has nystagmus

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