Oct 142014

This year, on Wednesday 5th November it’s the world’s second international Wobbly Wednesday – a very special day for all of us who have involvement with nystagmus.  The day is dedicated to raising awareness of the condition and so far celebrations are set to go with a bang!  Continue reading »

Apr 042014

Jack was three in December.  Over the past year he’s continued to do well and exceed our expectations.  The terrible twos’ have been tricky at times (help!), but we think this is more to do with personality (Jack remains very independent!) and age rather than sight.  Continue reading »

Feb 072014

Following our last post about Wilson using an I-Pad to help him at school, his Mum recommended more education resources on the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) website. We’ve been impressed by the up to date content across the site, and here are links we’ve found particularly useful/interesting so far … Continue reading »