May 312013

Jack had his fourth appointment at Sunderland Eye Hospital in April.   He saw three Doctors. 

The first checked his vision with Teller acuity cards – (grey with white pictures of cars, boats, planes etc either at the top or bottom) – and said his score was approximately 6/15 (20/50)  e.g. Jack needs to be standing at 6 meters (20 feet) to see what an average sighted person can see from 15 meters (50 feet).  They also tried a second test to help determine his vision as they said the Teller acuity cards often give a more positive than average score.  This involved showing Jack an A4 sheet with pictures of houses, teapots, ducks etc. and asking him to name them – unfortunately he went very shy at that point and refused to speak.  The Doctor gave us a copy of the pictures to practise with for next time, and as soon as we were back in the waiting room Jack happily named most of them!

The second appointment was to check the inside of Jack’s eyes were developing as expected – he had drops to dilate his eyes 20 mins before it, and all was as expected.

The third appointment was with the Specialist who advised Jack is continuing to make good progress.  He said he will prescribe him with glasses when he is 3.5 – 4 when reading and writing become more important to ensure he can make maximum uses of the vision he has (if he didn’t have nystagmus, he said it’s unlikely he’d be prescribed glasses until he was much older with his current vision).

I’ve read a lot about contact lenses being helpful for nystagmus (vision is enhanced as the lens moves with the eyes).  The Dr advised it’s unlikely Jack will be offered these until at least age 12 as they can cause more harm than good in younger children e.g. trouble putting in/taking out, infections etc.

I’m glad we’ve found out about the glasses with plenty of notice, and we’ve got plenty of time to practise with sunglasses in the meantime.

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