Dec 042011

This week, Jack returned to Sunderland Eye Hospital for three appointments (scheduled one after the other), to check how his eyes are developing.  

The first was an external check – the Doctor looked to see whether Jack’s eyes are working together correctly and examined for any signs of a squint.  She waved and rotated big wooden paddles with black and white patterns on them.  She also shone a pen light into his eyes.  She is pleased his eyes are working together.  I asked about Jack’s null point and she said you generally won’t start to notice where it is until your child starts watching TV which Jack’s not been interested in just yet.

The second appointment was an internal eye check.  Drops were inserted 20 minutes before hand to enlarge Jack’s pupils.  The Doctor checked for his prescription and advised at this point he is slightly long sighted with an astigmatism in both eyes – but both are well within the normal limits for children his age.  Most childrens eyes are not tested this early as they are known to change a lot over the first few years.  The Doctor also had a closer look inside both Jack’s eyes and said she wasn’t able to spot any other problems.

The third appointment was with the Consultant Ophthalmologist we’d seen last time we visited, and the primary purpose was to summarise the findings from the previous two appointments.  He said Jack is making good progress, and advised he’d like to see him on an annual basis until he reaches age 16.

He also reviewed Jack’s sticky eye caused by a blocked tear duct.  This is unrelated to the nystagmus, but has meant we’ve had to wipe his right eye on a regular basis since birth as the liquid in his eye has not been able to drain away.   He’s says there is a good chance it will still open by itself over the next month but he’s booked Jack in for an operation after Christmas just in case which we’re pleased about.


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