About Us

Dad is a Geordie born and bred and has lived in the North East all his life.  He has worked in IT since he left school, and is a keen biker.  Other interests include walking, cycling and reading.
Mum is a traveller at heart and has lived in several different counties thanks to her Dad’s job in the Army.  She works in the environmental sector and is a volunteer for St John Ambulance.   Her hobbies are swimming, cycling, watching films, and China.
Jack was delivered naturally at the RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary), Newcastle, in December 2010.  He is an independent and active lad by day and has been a great sleeper by night since birth.  He loves bouncing, climbing, and figuring out how things work.  Jack was diagnosed with nystagmus at three months old, and a year later we discovered the cause is likely to be ocular albinsim.
Isaac 5Isaac arrived in April 2012.  He was lively in Mum’s tummy and is very strong!  He’s a smiley and caring lad, and loves cuddles.  Isaac had VEP/ERG tests at three months to test for nystagmus but the results were inconclusive.  We were given the all clear at 17 months.
Fletcher 2Fletcher was born July 2013.  He’s very talkative and loves being on his feet.  He enjoys watching his brothers playing and tries to join in.  He’s also very good at sneaking food of their plates at tea time when they are not watching!  We had an early diagnosis (approx. 2 months) that Fletcher does not have nystagmus.
Healthwise, no one in either of our families has ever had nystagmus or albinism (that we are aware of).